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Scientific Services

I provide my services as a contractor in the following areas:

  • Computational chemistry projects in atomistic simulation, applied quantum chemical calculations, and quantitative structure-property relationships (QSPR). This can include the estimation of equilibrium constants, pKa values, and rate constants, as well as the computational elucidation of reaction mechanisms.
  • Consulting in the areas of computational chemistry, environmental organic chemistry, and water treatment chemistry.
  • Technical and academic writing: proofreading and copy-editing of manuscripts, grant applications, theses, etc.
  • Translation of scientific/chemical content: English ⇔ German, French ⇒ English, French ⇒ German.
Feel free to contact me with inquiries and project proposals.


For my scientific profile, have a look at my Research area and my past Publications. As a contractor or consultant, I will only accept work that I feel competent enough to pursue. Contact me with some details- confidentiality is guaranteed.

In terms of technical writing, I rely on my publication experience. I have authored 8 manuscripts as first author or corresponding author in leading chemistry journals. Further, I have reviewed numerous manuscripts for journals, including:
  • Chemistry- a European Journal
  • Environmental Science&Technology
  • Water Research
  • Journal of Computational Chemistry
  • Journal of Hazardous Materials
  • Free Radical Research
Check out my verified reviews at Publons! This allows me to judge academic manuscripts prior to submission, to get failed publications back on track, and to proof non-academic scientific content as well.